Echoes of my Soul

Currently in Development

Echoes of my Soul is a storytelling experience in video game format that follows the story of Anna Lind, and a slew of side characters. It is a point and click isometric puzzle game.

The narrative deals with topics of suicide, the connectivity of souls through global consciousness, the afterlife and rebirth.

The Story (Synopsis)

Anna Lind is a 19 y/o female born and raised in Hjo, Sweden. (Current timeline is 1997). Born without hearing, she endured severe bullying and isolation in her elementary years and middle school years. Despite all her difficulties, she was raised by a loving grandfather that helped her endure her childhood. As a past time, Anna would constantly visit a lighthouse perched atop the lake and try to forget her troubles. After being accepted into Stockholm University as a psychology major, Anna comes to a crossroads whether to continue living with her grandfather in Hjo or moving to Stockholm to pursue her dreams. Ultimately, with the encouragement of her grandfather, Anna decides to move to Stockholm and leaves her grandfather behind. Despite her best attempts to fit in college and change her life for the better, Anna's inability to hear leads her once again to isolation from her peers. She gains a few friends but none that she considers close. 

During her second semester of school, Anna's grandfather slips and suffers a concussion within his home and eventually passes away. This places Anna in a state of complete mental instability as she completely blames herself for her grandfather's death as she left him home alone without a carer when she moved to Stockholm. Anna drops out of college and completely isolates herself from the world, and after a few months of her grandfather's passing, Anna commits suicide.

Moments before her death, Anna begins to see a myriad of memories that clearly do not belong to her. She then loses consciousness and awakens in a place called The Catacombs. This is where the game begins.

The Catacombs (Level)

An unfamiliar setting. A mysterious entity by the name of Ja'kh. The Catacombs. A place that lies between life and death.


Figuring out item interaction/gameplay mechanics for programming.

The Classrooms (Level)

A glimpse of Anna's past is revealed as she re-lives her childhood years. Through a different scope, Anna begins to understand the motives of her classmates behind the incessant bullying.

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